Another Comparison and Story Excerpts

I’m back again, now on summer break. The sweet, sweet feeling of freedom (even if it seems to me like I have five projects to hand in tomorrow).

At the present, I’m still sort of on writer’s block. Oh joy. I’ve done a couple of writing exercises-meaning, like, two or three. In addition, recently I rewrote the introduction of one of my older stories. The excerpt I featured in the last post with horrible grammar? Yeah, this one is worse.

Here’s my rough summary of the book: There are these two book characters who find out that their author is planning on ending the story with them being sent to the dungeons and later sentenced to death, so they go through all these different tasks trying to find a way to stop that from happening.

The chapters shift between the narrator being the “author” of the book, which features the story from the book my protagonists live in, to the main character, which features the actual storyline.

I’ll show you the original and the latest, in that order. Hope you enjoy.



Hi, I’m Kate. Tina told me not to write this into the book, but here we go. I’d just like you to know that this story is intirely (cough entirely cough) true. Well, it is for us story character’s (I’ll stop after this but cough characters cough). It’s not like you normal people will find witch’s and flying pony’s in the real world! And to all you author’s, the point of this story is that when you insist on making us the bad guy’s, we don’t appreciate being thrown in jail and stuff. Why can’t we just all be freind’s and go home in the end? Or atleast have a water bed and proper food in jail. Anyway’s, I’ll let you get on with the story reader’s.


Kate, fourth book on the first right side book shelf, third shelf.


(Then there’s a “how this book works” side note, but I’ve already explained it to you and it’s not part of the story itself. I told you this was worse. Not to mention that I had no perception of paragraphs. Anyway, here is the new version.)


Prologue…? Let’s Go with Prologue

Dear reader,

Yes. I’m talking to you. It’s not even the supposed “author” that “made” this book leaving you a note, I’m the character. The protagonist…and the antagonist. I guess it mostly depends on perspective. What I’m really trying to say is: forget the fourth wall entirely. It doesn’t exist anymore. This is real, this is happening, accept it and move on.

…That sounded a little too intense, didn’t it? I better get on with this before I write something to scare you away.

Ahem. Dear reader,

My name is Priscilla Orlena-Scarlett Turner. But, for simplicity purposes, you can call me Post. (I swear though, if one more person makes a Post-it Notes joke, I’m going to scream.) I’m from the kingdom of Sceneferlen, just south of Ragnol Mountains. Which would be a great introduction if you had any idea of what all that is.

This is stupid. Maybe I should get Anya to write it.

All right, look. Whoever you are, I think you picked this book up for a reason. There’s no way that something that’s going to become as insane as this collection would end up in your hands easily. It doesn’t matter now what drew you to us or why you’re reading this, just that you are. And that I’m going to make a perhaps unwise decision to trust you.

I need your help. I need you to read through this, no matter how weird it gets, and no matter how much it tests your sense of reality. I’m asking you to help me change my fate. Don’t worry, Anya and I will do all the heavy lifting, all you have to do is stick with us until our story is done, one way or another. We both think that having a little outside human support will go a long way. After all, it is your imagination that’s bringing me to life in your mind as we speak.

Wish me luck. I’m counting on you.

(Post here again. To avoid confusion, I’m letting you know beforehand that you may come across chapters from my novel. You’ll know if it’s me communicating with you or the author, trust me. I’ll talk with you again soon.)


(Another note, but it’s actually me this time and not part of the excerpt. I left the “how this book works” side note of the newer version in because it’s actually part of the message. All in all, there you have it, folks! Also, can you tell how much I enjoy breaking down the fourth wall?)