Spoiler Alert! They All Die in Chapter 27

I’m a pro at killing off characters.

No, wait. That’s a lie. I’m not a pro at killing off characters; I hate it. Whether it’s the protagonist or the villain or the supporting character, generally I don’t enjoy killing anyone in my books. That’s why for the most part everybody survives by the end of the story.

Congratulations, me. You’re a wimp and love your characters too much.

Sometimes it may be necessary, but as of yet I haven’t really found a good enough reason to kill my characters anyway. Is my opinion because I’m an amateur writer? Well, perhaps. However, here I’m still basically going to explain why characters should or should not be killed.

One of the reasons people die in stories is to add emotional impact. I believe it’s called pulling at the heartstrings. A lot of series, books, movies, or TV shows have deaths that leave the readers/viewers (to put it lightly) upset.

Some people might not go as far as to sob for a day straight over a fictional character, but the emotional impact is still there. Nobody feels good after the death of a character. Unless, of course, a character you hate dies. Let’s be honest, though, the ones we hate are never the ones to die.

There are many ways to pull at heartstrings, so I don’t go as far as death when I write.

Another reason a character may be killed is to convey risk. The death of someone, it doesn’t matter who, can show just how much danger there is in whatever situation.

Yes, I get that. Even so I don’t kill characters for that cause either. I’ll think, The world is splitting and slowly crumbling, I’m sure it’s very apparent that there’s risks.

(I literally did find a couple of pages of a book I started writing where planet Earth was splitting apart. Apparently seven year old me loved drama.)

Then there’s the times when a character dying is necessary to the plot, which is about the only occurrence when I even consider killing off someone.

Generally speaking, I have a very in-depth plan of every character’s life and how it ties into the story, making it move forward. Many characters are still needed to make the book work. I’m not going to kill them, or else they can’t play their part and that “part” just won’t work.

If the time comes for their part to be dying, then I’ll have to suck it up and kill them off. I definitely won’t enjoy it. Actually, it would probably impact me more emotionally than anyone who ends up reading it.

No one’s death helps the plots of my stories at the moment. So, “You get to live, you get to live, you guys get to live, you all can go live your magical fantasy lives.”

Then there’s the instances that people pull a Marvel and bring the character back, but that’s another story altogether.

That’s…Yeah, that’s all I have to say. Goodbye, I guess. Or goodnight. It really depends on how I’m feeling at the moment.

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  1. I love your thinking on this. I didn’t realize you had a detailed plan for every character.

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