Characters Are More Annoying Than Real People

Hello, everyone. Let’s play a game called I’m Bored So the World is Getting Another Post Whether it Likes it or Not. In this one I’ll be talking about how-as you probably have already guessed-imaginary characters are more annoying than real people (well, sometimes).

Any story needs a lot of building blocks to make it good: solid setting, solid plot, solid theme, and so on. Among these things, something that is very, very important is having a good, solid character. Unless your character’s, like, a ghost or something.

I feel like this is one of the things I struggle most with for the majority of the time. Picture this. You have an amazing story idea, one of your best yet, and you’re getting really excited about it. You’ll craft the entire world, what has to happen, plot twists, everything. Except for one tiny piece that will make the entire thing fall on its face.

The characters. The fictional characters can be non-fictional pains in the neck.

If the main character is under-developed, then it all crashes down. I’m serious. Nothing will work because the character is simply not well created, uninteresting, blah. Every book on writing I’ve ever read insists on you “making the readers care about your characters.” And when the character is barely a character at all, NO ONE IS GOING TO CARE ABOUT THEM.

At least, they won’t if you don’t give the character their personality traits. Mold them, sort of. This is so difficult sometimes that I’ll take a break from even trying for days on end.

I’m not sure why it’s so hard. Sometimes the character isn’t really turning out well, or they’re too much like a character from a previous book I worked on, which also happens often. I’ll still be in the mindset of the last book’s main character and it takes a while to get out of it. When I find that I’m being repetitive with my characters, it straight out bugs me.

Do you see how they’re annoying yet? They never work the way you want them to. Characters, like I mentioned, are one of the most frustrating parts of writing for me and-

And then there’s the times that they turn out well. Then they make the story better, and I enjoy writing about them and how each of them react to different situations. Writers can get attached to their characters, yes, and when a lot of the times they’re “annoying” the ones that aren’t so much that you get especially attached to.

Here’s what I do nowadays: I pick a few of my favourite characters from other books or movies or shows that I like. I pick the traits I like about them, then I dwindle it down into a character that works for the story. I give them some other unique qualities, too, and presto! I’ve got a main character.

I think I’ve made it pretty clear that it’s not as easy as the previous paragraph makes it sound. All in all, just know that it can go one of two ways. So, the character is, uh, “blah.”

Or you’ve got a memorable character that you and your readers will treasure forever.



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