The Christmas Special-Writer’s Gift

Christmas is around the corner. Like, “you-can-walk-a step-down-the-hall-and-there’s-the-corner” around the corner. I have no idea when it got so close, honestly. It came up so fast that I can barely believe it’s the holiday season.

Anyways, in honour of the freakishly upcoming Christmas, I thought I’d write a post to get myself in the mood. How do I plan to do this? Yeah, um, that’s the thing. I don’t have a plan. Maybe a bit of an idea, but not a full fleshed out plan, so I’m just going to type and see where it goes.

First off, here’s the idea: I’m going to tell you about my Christmas writing fails. (*Cue unenthusiastic cheering and applause*) Thank you, thank you. Now, let us begin.

I don’t think I’ve actually tried to write that many Christmas stories. Not a lot that I can remember, at least. But the handful that I have rarely got done. That’s the thing, Christmas is only around for a bit and a book takes a while to write. It’s rare that I’ll be done before Christmas depending on when I start, and by the time the holiday’s over I don’t feel like writing a Christmas book.

There’s one that I’ve finished. ONE. And it was about a couple of elves saving Christmas. Yeah, I know, very original, but I was like ten. (Actually, I was probably a couple of years older…) Besides that, there’s a stack of unfinished seasonal stories among the mother of all piles of unfinished stories. They’re all a part of my Christmas writing fails.

The one I remember trying to write the best was one about a girl who moves to a foreign kingdom where there’s no magic and she has to learn the power of the magic of Christmas, which isn’t an actual thing where she’s from, etc. (*Cue unenthusiastic cheers and applause again*) I think I just didn’t finish it because of the same reason I don’t finish a lot of stories, and that’s because I got bored of it.

I don’t think it was really going anywhere. I was bored, the writing became flat, and yes. Fail! This time I think I really was about ten, perhaps eleven. Age doesn’t matter though, because it was never finished and I’m not really sure where it is at the moment. The greatest detail of the story I remember is drawing snowflakes and candy canes on the sides of the paper I used for the book.

As I said, I don’t recall a lot of them, but I am working on a Christmas story for my one class this year. In French, too. Do you know how hard it is to write a story in your second language? It’s frustrating. I can’t use a lot of the methods I want to, and many of my favourite sayings don’t exist in French.

So far I’m happy to say it doesn’t seem to be a fail. It can’t be, or else my partner and I are going to get a bad mark. Thankfully the writing itself is coming along better than I thought it would in that language and I think I’m doing the grammar alright.

Please don’t be a fail, please don’t be a fail…

I could go deep into the recesses of my memory and try to pull out anything I can remember of writing Christmas stories. I could, but I won’t, as I think it would be unsuccessful.

The moral of the post? Christmas books are difficult to write, they usually end up unfinished, and I have no idea how Charles Dickens ever did A Christmas Carol. There. I think I’m satisfied.

Merry Christmas to everyone, and if you decide to write a Christmas story, I hope you have better luck than I have. Cheers!

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  1. Rhapsody, this Christmas story wasn’t a FAIL ’cause you actually finished it !!! CONGRATS !!!

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